Books | Catalogues

  • Across | Between | Within. Catalogue. Toronto: Odon Wagner Contemporary, 2017.
  • Bring Forth the Cowards.  Montreal: McGill Poetry Series, 1964.
  • Circle Without Center.  Vancouver: Talonbooks/Very Stone House, 1968.
  • Counterpoint: Recent Work.  Catalogue.  Vancouver: Gallery Jones, 2008.
  • Cutting Out the Tongue: Selected Work 1976-2012.  Catalogue.  West Vancouver/Coquitlam: West Vancouver
    Art Museum/Art Gallery at Evergreen Cultural Centre, 2013.
  • Echo's Bones.  Brochure.  Vancouver: Gallery Jones, 2023.
  • Four Island Poems.  Prince George: Caledonia Writing Series, 1975. 
  • Léon Coupey: My Dearest Kate.  Catalogue.  West Vancouver: West Vancouver Art Museum, 2022.
  • Measures: Recent Work.  Catalogue. Toronto: Odon Wagner Contemporary, 2014.
  • New Work / 1980-1981.  Catalogue.  North Vancouver: Presentation House Gallery, 1981.
  • Notations: 1994-1998.  Catalogue.  Tokyo: Canadian Embassy Gallery, 1998.
  • Requiem Notations I-IX.  North Vancouver/Coquitlam: The Capilano Review/Evergreen Cultural Centre,1998.
  • Tangle.  Catalogue.  Burnaby: Burnaby Art Gallery, 2006.
  • Terminal Series.  Prince George: Caledonia Writing Series, 1973.

Publications Edited

  • The Capilano Review, founding editor 1971-1976; editor 1989-1991; assistant editor 1987-1989, 2002
  • The Georgia Straight, founding co-editor, 1967-1968
  • The Western Gate, founding co-editor, 1968


  • Actis, Andrea and Dylan Godwin, eds. For Jamie Reid: 1941-2015. ti-TCR: A Web Folio 13 (Spring 2016).
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  • Davey, Frank and bpNichol, eds.  Open Letter 5th ser. 2 (Spring 1982).
  • De Donno, Emanuele and Amadeo Martegani, eds. Yes Yes Yes Alternative Press: 66-77 from Provo to Punk.
    Milan / Foligno / Rome: a+mbookstore / VIAIndustriae / COLLI, 2015.    
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  • Wah, Fred, ed. West Coast Line: The Roy Miki Issue 42.1 (2008).

Covers | Broadsides | On-Line | Videos

  • The Alphabet of Blood.”  Visual Writing: Documents in Concrete & Visual Poetry: Ubu Editions, 2011.
  • “The Big, Bad World of Public Readings.” TCR Blog (Fall 2012).
  •  Billy Little on Hornby.  Covers.  Billy Little, St. Ink: Selected Poems. North Vancouver: CUE, 2008
  • A Book of Days I (Lorca).  Cover.  Jack Hannan, Rhythm to Stand Beside. Toronto: Cormorant, 2013.  
  • A Book of Days X (After Neruda).  Cover.  Barry McKinnon, The Center. Prince George: Caitlin, 1995.
  • “Compass.”  Broadside.  North Vancouver: The Capilano Review, 1976.
  • Field IV (detail).  Cover.  One More Once: for Pierre Coupey's 70th.  North Vancouver: CUE, 2012.
  • Imaginary Portraits / Pierre Coupey & Dion Kliner in Conversation with Lam Wong. Video. Director, Steven
    Dragonn. Vancouver: Canton-Sardine, 2021-2022. 
  • 'Into the Material': Remembering Ann Rosenberg (1940-2018) with Pierre Coupey, Dorothy Jantzen, Jenny Penberthy, and Jacquelyn Zong-Li Ross.  TCR Blog (Spring 2023).
  • “Journal Drawing #33.”  Cover.  The Capilano Review 1st ser.13 (Spring 1978).
  • Late Fragment.  Cover.  Eloise Coupey, Digital Business.  Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2005.
  • Léon Coupey's My Dearest Kate / Pierre Coupey & Guy Atkins in Conversation with Hilary Letwin.  Video.  Director, Taren Urquhart. West Vancouver Memorial Library, 2022.
  • Léon Coupey: My Dearest Kate. Video. Director, Gourav Arya. West Vancouver Art Museum with School of Motion Picture Arts, Capilano University, 2022.
  • Map.  Cover/Graphics.  Richard Rathwell, Rules of the River.  Vancouver/London: DaDaBaBy/Blue Orange, 2007.
  • “The Night We Hijacked Leonard Cohen, with digressions.” TCR Blog (Fall 2012).
  • Notations 15.  Cover.  Eloise Coupey, Marketing and the Internet.  Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2001.
  • Notations 20: As If.  Cover.  Daniel Karasik, Hungry. Toronto: Cormorant, 2013.
  • Notations 25.  Cover.  Marilyn Gear Pilling, A Bee Garden. Toronto: Cormorant, 2013.
  • Notations 28.  Cover.  Amanda Jernigan, All the Daylight Hours. Toronto: Cormorant, 2013. 
  • Nursery, Maple Ridge (detail).  Cover.  The Capilano Review 3rd ser.1 & 2 (Spring 2007).
  • “On Editing the Pacific Windows Issue.” ti-TCR: A Web Folio 12 (Spring 2015). 
  • A Pair of Dark Glasses.  Cover.  The Body.  North Vancouver: Tatlow House, 1979.
  • Pierre Coupey: Artist to Artist.  Video. Director, Chloé Battant. Vancouver: Opus, 2023.
  • Pierre Coupey: Art Toronto 2020.  Video.  Director, Shane O’Brien. Vancouver: Gallery Jones, 2020.
  • Pierre Coupey: Echo's Bones.  Video. Director, Shane O’Brien. Vancouver: Gallery Jones, 2023.
  • Pierre Coupey: Exhibitions, Spring 2013. Video. Director, Shane O’Brien. Vancouver: Gallery Jones, 2013.
  • Pierre Coupey: Interview with Michael King. Video. Director, Michael King. Vancouver: Artful:Minds, 2023
  • Pierre Coupey: Manifest / Trace.  Video.  Director, Vanessa Black. North Vancouver: Seymour Art Gallery, 2019.
  • Pierre Coupey: Rainy River. Video.  West Vancouver: West Vancouver Art Museum, 2021.
  • Pierre Coupey: Share Your Gift.  Video.  Director, Ryan Mund. Vancouver: Opus, 2014.
  • Pierre Coupey: Walking the Cat Back.  Video.  Director, Shane O’Brien. Vancouver: Gallery Jones, 2020.
  • Proximities: Pierre Coupey with Lisa Baldiserra.  Video.  North Vancouver: Griffin Art Projects, 2019.
  • “Rainbow.”  Broadside.  Prince George: Gorse, 1981.  [The Malahat Review Broadside Award, 1981]
  • Requiem Diptych I (Altered version).  Cover.  The Capilano Review 2nd ser. 26 (Fall 1998).
  • "Swimming."  Broadside (for the poet's 80th birthday).  Madeira Park, BC: High Ground Press, 2022.
  • “To Will Is To Stir Up Paradox.”  Broadside.  Vancouver: UBC Festival of the Arts, 1967.
  • Untitled. Cover. NMFG 11 (1976). [Gordon Lockhead, ed.]
  • Untitled Collage.  Cover.  Duncan McNaughton. Fathar Time, Bolinas: Blue Press, 2020.  
  • Untitled Drawing.  Cover.  Brian Fawcett, Creatures of State.  Vancouver: Talonbooks, 1982.
  • Untitled XV.  Cover.  George Bowering, Taking Measures: Selected Serial Poems.  Ed. Stephen Collis. Vancouver:Talonbooks, 2019.  
  • Variations done for bpNichol 6.  Cover.  Fred Wah, ed.  Beyond Tish: West Coast Line 25.1 (1994).