Solo Exhibitions


2023 Echo's Bones, Gallery Jones, Vancouver [Brochure, Video] 
2022 Léon Coupey: My Dearest Kate, curator Hilary Letwin, West Vancouver Art Museum [Catalogue, Video]
2021 Work on Paper & Rainy River, Gallery Jones, Vancouver 
2021 Pierre Coupey + Dion Kliner: Imaginary Portraits, curator Lam Wong, Canton-Sardine, Vancouver [Video]
2020 Walking the Cat Back, Gallery Jones, Vancouver [Video]
2019 Manifest/Trace, curator Vanessa Black, Seymour Art Gallery, North Vancouver [Video] 
2018 Rock Pool, Gallery Jones, Vancouver [with sculpture by Dion Kliner]
2017 Across / Between / Within, Odon Wagner Gallery, Toronto [Catalogue] 
2016 RaptureRupture, Gallery Jones, Vancouver 
2016 Requiem Notations I-IX, curator Darrin Morrison, West Vancouver Museum at West Vancouver Library 
2014 Measures, Odon Wagner Gallery, Toronto [Catalogue]
2013 Cutting Out the Tongue: Selected Work 1976-2012, curators Astrid Heyerdahl / Darrin Morrison,
Art Gallery at Evergreen  / West Vancouver Museum  [Catalogue]
2013 Field Work, Gallery Jones, Vancouver 
2011 Featured Artist, Gallery Jones, West Vancouver
2010 Between Memory and Perception, Gallery Jones, Vancouver
2010 Projects, Capilano University Art Gallery, North Vancouver
2008 Counterpoint, Gallery Jones, Vancouver [Catalogue]
2006 Requiem Notations I-IX, curator Cecilia Denegri Jette, Richmond Art Gallery at The Gateway Theatre
2006 Tangle, curator Darrin Martens, Burnaby Art Gallery, Burnaby [Catalogue]
2004 Paintings/Prints, curator Ingunn Kemble, West Vancouver City Hall
2004 BlackWhiteGrey, curator Marcus Bowcott, Capilano University Art Gallery, North Vancouver
2004 Artist in Residence, The Urban Garage, West Vancouver
2002 Notations: Recent Work, Ballard Lederer Gallery, Vancouver
1999 Requiem Notations I-IX, curator Patrick Montgomery, Art Gallery at Evergreen, Coquitlam [Catalogue]
1998 Notations 1994-1998, curator Paula Gustafson, Canadian Embassy Gallery, Tokyo [Catalogue]
1998 Work from the Notations Series, Montgomery Fine Art, Vancouver
1997 Work in Process: Drawings, Proofs, Prints, Capilano University Art Gallery, North Vancouver
1995 Notations 12-15 (For Eva), curator Carole Badgley, Seymour Art Gallery, North Vancouver
1995 From the 80’s: Trellis, Wedge, Montgomery Fine Art, Vancouver
1995 From the 70’s: Selected Journal Drawings / New Work on Paper, Atelier Gallery, Vancouver
1994 Notations: Painting the Lion from a Claw, Atelier Gallery, Vancouver
1992 Recent Work: Prints, Atelier Gallery, Vancouver
1991 Paintings: 1970-1990, curator Barry Cogswell, Capilano University Art Gallery, North Vancouver
1990 Variations done for bpNichol, Atelier Gallery, Vancouver
1988 Pierre Coupey: Recent Works, curator Ann Rosenberg, Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey
1987 A Book of Days I-XII, Crown Gallery, Vancouver
1982 Recent Paintings, Studio Nine Gallery, Toronto
1982 Journal Drawing Series, curator bpNichol, The Gallery, Scarborough College, University of Toronto
1981 Seven Paintings, curator Barry Cogswell, Capilano University Art Gallery, North Vancouver
1981 New Work / 1980-1981, curator Claire Knight, Presentation House Gallery, North Vancouver [Catalogue]